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Real food

craft beer


This is who we are

We prepare your food right here. It may seem strange that we feel the need to tell you that, but when you can buy your dinner pre-made, frozen and delivered on a truck, we think you should know that we are different.

We have a Chef. His name is Aaron. He is not a scientist, so he does not do 'rethermalizing'.

For example, we make our burgers by hand, and frankly sometimes that can be a lot of burgers. We add egg, spices and something sweet to our beef burgers. We flatten them out and charbroil them. We like charbroiled burgers best, so we make them that way.

Our Panko Chicken and Ranch Chicken are made with fresh, never-frozen chicken, egg-washed and rolled in panko bread crumbs -- right here, by a real person.

We brine and smoke pork belly here. People have told us that pork belly contains a high percentage of fat, but those are the same people telling us too much beer is bad for you. They have destroyed their credibility with us. We will keep on smoking it.

We house-smoke pork butt, beef brisket, salmon, ribs, sirloin, chicken, the afore-mentioned pork belly, pears and other random things as we see fit. 

We serve hand-cut fries, supplied to us by a guy named Steve from across the river in Nashwaaksis. Close enough to Fredericton that we give him a pass and refer to him as a local.

Aaron and the team make our salad dressings, and no, we do not sell them in bottles. We do that so the ladies have to come in to eat the salad. It would be pointless to have so many ladies who love our salad do takeout. And if you are a bloke eating salad, well, maybe add pulled pork so your buddies do not make fun of you.

We do not do these things because they are easier, faster or cheaper, we do them because it makes your food better. Will you eat too much of your own food?



(506) 206-3923



546 King Street
Fredericton, NB



M-W 11:30a–12a
Th 11:30a–1a                               Fri-Sat 11:30a–2a
Su 11:30a–10p


We'd love for you to join us. Call (506) 206–3923 during operating hours or book online via SeatMe to reserve your table.